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Whether you manage a single brand with a few corporate identity images that you need to provide to your local paper for a pub-set ad, or you have numerous brand-name products with dozens of package photos, you need your brand assets to be current and easily available to trusted partners.

If you’ve been mailing cd roms or e-mailing brand identity graphics or using couriers to send scannable materials to a graphic designer, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of the wrong file format or poor presentation of expensive brand identity graphics.

You may have had additional expenses to pay for converting graphics from one format to another and had to live with the subtle variations that occur even when the artwork is created by an expert. A current object-oriented database of all your corporate identity materials stops the pain.

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Your brand image is the single most precious thing you own. Indeed, brand image is so valuable that brand graphics often go unchanged for decades, and Britian’s oldest brand has graphics that date back to 1885.

If you damage a piece of equipment, you can repair it. If you damage your brand you damage your staff, your product, your client relationships, your suppliers, your prospects, your reputation, and everything else you’ve worked so hard to build.

As well as telling how to think and feel about your enterprise, your Brand shows ownership, is your guarantee of quality, is a promise, and invites your client to belong to your organization.

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Corporate ID

Ideally a logo does more than represent your company in a symbol. A logo shows the viewer how to think and feel about the company and the company’s culture, all at a glance.

21st Century brands that follow an experimental and interactive brand identity still need to have defined brand values that make clear to their creative partners and clients the essence of the brand and the values the brand represents.

The objective of corporate identity is the consistent application of a trademark in advertising, on vehicle livery, uniforms, signage, packaging and other expressions of corporate communication.

The corporate philosophy is articulated in a guide which also illustrates the ways to accurately execute the corporate identity. Corporate Identity Guidelines provide that way.

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